When Do I Get a Sleep Study? | Sleep Apnea Doctor Plantation

Sleep apnea is a condition that is pretty sneaky. Most people who know anything about it only associate it with snoring and don’t fully understand the health ramifications of leaving it untreated. While snoring isn’t always sleep apnea, it is a pretty strong indicator that someone may be experiencing some level of apnea while they sleep. Apnea is when you actually stop breathing, hence sleep apnea means you stop breathing during sleep.

There is only one way to diagnose sleep apnea and that is by getting a sleep study conducted. A sleep study will monitor ones sleep and can detect when a person is snoring and experiencing apnea events. Only with a sleep study will the doctor know the full severity of ones sleep apnea.

After the study comes back and is interpreted than the next step is determine a proper course of treatment, oftentimes this will depend on how severe the sleep apnea is. In most severe cases a CPAP will be the first line of treatment offered, however with mild-moderate cases many doctors are now recommending a patient to try oral appliance therapy, a treatment method which has a much higher compliance rate.

Dr. Howell Goldberg, sleep apnea dentist in Plantation, FL, offers patients oral appliance therapy to those CPAP intolerant patients looking for quality treatment. His experience has earned him the status of Diplomate in the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. If you or a loved one feels they may be suffering from sleep apnea do not hesitate to contact his office today to book a sleep consultation.

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