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My new wife told me that my snoring was disturbing her sleep to the point of affecting her daily life. I realized that my sleep, as well as hers, was being seriously compromised. I visited a doctor who suggested a sleep study. The study indicated that I did have a snoring problem, but not sleep apnea.I had seen a TV ad for an inexpensive appliance that would purportedly reduce or eliminate my snoring. This device was fitted to its user by being softened in boiling water and bitten on until molded to the user’s teeth. The instructions noted that up to three attempts at proper fitting could be made. Each attempt on my part proved a failure. The device did not fit comfortably or evenly in my mouth, and also felt oppressively large.I then saw another doctor, who recommended Dr. Goldberg. Dr. Goldberg conducted the most thorough oral exam I have experienced. He gathered considerable information about my sleep, my lifestyle, and my dental history, including my propensity to grind my teeth. He then recommended a particular appliance that he felt would best serve my needs. This TAP appliance, he explained, is much smaller and less intrusive than the device I had ordered online, and it would be molded carefully to my teeth.Before making a decision, I saw an oral surgeon who suggested that I should consider having my jaw broken, pulled forward and reset. This procedure seemed drastic to me. When I mentioned this to the doctor, he said, “You should go to Howell Goldberg. He is the best”.I took that advice and, with Dr. Goldberg’s help, have quite literally changed my life. As mentioned, The TAP appliance is custom-made for each patient. My device fit my mouth perfectly. It is, in my opinion, a marvel of engineering. It utilizes two, molded halves, one for the top teeth, with a hook in the front and one for the bottom with a bar across it. When worn, the hook engages the bar and shifts the lower jaw forward. I have worn mine for two and a half years. The degree to which the jaw is shifted is adjusted via a screw device and key. I have had the TAP appliance for two and a half years. I have literally worn it every night during that time. The appliance has shown some minor wear, but has proven absolutely sturdy in function.Despite its sturdiness, though, the TAP device is surprisingly comfortable. There is a pliant material inside each molded form, so that even clenched teeth have a soft landing. The design of the device also allows the jaw to shift from side to side (important for side-sleeping). The main benefit, though, is what the device is designed to do: my snoring has diminished by at least 90%. My sleep is dramatically improved and, just as important, so is my wife’s! Further, there has been a clear increase in my energy during my workday. Even “skipped heartbeats” I was experiencing while exercising diminished to almost nothing soon after starting with the TAP appliance.Finally, Dr. Goldberg includes cost-free visits for assessment of my oral health, the TAP appliance’s condition, and any necessary adjustments. I can’t overemphasize the value of Dr. Goldberg’s expertise, attention, advice and guidance in selecting and procuring an appropriate appliance for a snoring issue. He is also a gentle soul, who seems genuinely concerned with his patients’ well-being. If you have a snoring issue, I would strongly suggest a visit with Dr. Howell Goldberg.
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