What to Expect on Your First Visit

Your first visit to Dental Sleep Medicine Solutions of South Florida is a time not only to establish records, but to get to know you as a patient and a person. Dr. Goldberg will review and explain the nature of your sleep disorder, and discuss the treatment options he can provide.

If you have not yet received a diagnosis for your sleep apnea condition, he can provide referrals to the area’s premier sleep medicine physicians. If you have already undergone a sleep study and received a diagnosis, we ask that you bring the results of that study for review, as well as any evidence showing a diagnosis of non-compliance with CPAP therapy.

Among the documentation that should be provided to the insurer are copies of your diagnostic sleep study, and a letter of medical necessity or a prescription from your sleep physician. These documents can be obtained from your sleep physician, or from our office if they have been forwarded for review.

During your visit, we will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health and TMJ – jaw joint. Studies show that optimal snoring and sleep-apnea management results when dental systems function in harmony. This examination allows us to determine which treatment options will work best.

Finally, we will take some time to discuss your sleep habits, dental concerns, options for oral appliances, cost, and insurance coverage.